The biggest challenge athletes face:
How do you train hard, without overworking your muscles and potentially doing career ending damage?


When the primary muscles become overworked, they can become strained, bruised, and torn causing the stress load to be placed on the smaller, under-developed muscles. Result: Further stress and injury on your muscles and joints.  

Develop the less utilized muscles around those primarily used for the sport so the muscles function as a group. This distributes and reduces the stress load on the primary muscles which decreases the chance of injury.


Each program is specifically geared towards the sport the athlete is participating in.

The focus of each training program is to develop the secondary muscles required to perform that sport. The primary muscles tend to be overworked, carrying the strain put on that muscle from the sport while the secondary muscles tends to be underdeveloped. The stress free environment of the water reduces the stress load on the primary muscle groups and allows the secondary muscles to develop. As the secondary muscles develop – the stress load on the primary muscles is evenly dispersed throughout the primary and secondary muscles –  reducing the strain and stress on the muscles and surrounding joints.

The results and benefits better than other training I’ve had. Most people think of water for rehab or Grandma’s water aerobics class. I’d never realized the benefits of training in water until I did this class, the benefits and results cannot compare to any other form of training I’ve had.
— Melissa N., 50 year old triathlete