Accident and Injury Prevention in Athletes - POSTURE INFLUENCES FORM. FORM INFLUENCES FUNCTION.

Posture is of primary importance in Athletic Training.


Posture and Performance


When training for your sport you are training asymmetrically, meaning you are always training irregular and lopsided.  The moves are repetitive, the muscles and joints are used in the same way over and over again this is irregular and lopsided training.   Asymmetrical training causes the primary muscles and joints you use in your sport to be over worked and over built often leading to poor posture which increases your chance of injury. 


Effects of Poor Posture

·      Blocked nerves.

·      Diminished blood flow.

·      Reduced agility.

·      Compromised endurance.

·      Decreased speed.

·      Increase in Injuries – aches –strains - sprains– pain – torn ligaments, joints, muscles.

·      Weakened immune system.


Methods such as weight training have been used to attempt to overcome the affects of asymmetrical training.


Weight Training to reduce injury.  It is thought the more weight you can lift the stronger the muscle, regrettably your body becomes more unbalanced, compromising your posture even more therefore increasing the stress on joints and muscles which leads to a greater chance of injury. 


The ability to counteract the influences of asymmetrical training using weight training has been negligible.


Until Now!


Until now training for your sport has stayed with the tried and true, on the field training and weight training.  These are both great when training as an athlete.  Unfortunately they do not address the muscles imbalances or work to reduce the injuries caused from asymmetrical training.


Water Works! Training method has overcome the imbalances of asymmetrical training. 


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