Are injuries affecting your team’s performance? New Technology that INCREASES your chance of Winning.

Dear Coach/Trainer/Parent:

Could your team benefit from a new technology designed to reduce and even prevent accidents and injuries your athletes and take their athletic performance to a whole new level?  And, It works in conjunction with your current training program!


Think about it:

Reduction of Injuries

Increased playing time

Better endurance

Improved agility

Increased speed

More wins

Your team will benefit from this new technology.

My question to you the trainer and coach:

·       Could your current training methods be enhanced to have your athletes play longer, win more games while reducing the chance of injuries?

These are the results your team will get by simply investing ½ hour 3 to 4 times per week during off season, as you get closing to your seasonal playing dates the time spent training goes to 2 to 3 time per week and down to 1 time per week during seasonal playing time. Your team members still do regular practice while relieving the stress and strain on the muscles worked. 

This technology blends in with your existing training program to maximize results.  The training time spent is minimal when you consider the outstanding benefits.

In a USA Today News Article from 2013 “1.35 million youths a Year have serious sports injuries.”

Stanford’s Children’s Health reports that as of 2015; the number of sports injuries per year reached a stunning 3.5 million youths per year.  The top sports for injuries were: Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball with the top injury reported as being strains and sprains.   Your athletes do not need to be part of these statistics.

Let this innovative training approach give you the competitive edge you are looking for this season.

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Yours truly,

Caren Auchincloss-FIne

Founder, Water Works

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